Making data make sense.

As a user experience practitioner, you’ve likely heard that you should be using web analytics data to both inform your design work and prove its value. But how? Where to begin? The web analytics space is vast, populated with dozens of complex and seemingly complicated tools, terms and concepts. Our aim is provide a basic primer, a place designers can turn to for useful resources and web analytics information curated by other user experience practitioners. Read up on great blogs to follow and books to help get you started, and then dive in to reviews and tips on how to use various web analytics tools.

Are you a UX practitioner who has already embraced web analytics? Do you have any wins, stumbles or experiences you’d like to share? If so, we would love to hear from you. Let us know how you use data and web analytics as part of your research or design process, or any tools or resources you have found to be invaluable. Simply hit us up via our Contact form.

Our Authors

Lynne Jessica Polischuik

Lynne Jessica Polischuik is an independent user experience and interaction design professional based in Vancouver, British Columbia. With nearly ten years of industry experience, Lynne held roles in digital marketing before specializing in web analytics and further refining her skills in user experience and interaction design. Given her background in search and web analytics Lynne is fascinated with ‘The UX of Analytics’ and has worked on several projects related to this problem space. In 2007 Lynne received an Award of Achievement in Web Analytics from the University of British Columbia and she is both a Google Analytics and Omniture Sitecatalyst certified consultant.

Aaron Irizarry

Aaron is a user experience/interactive designer for IGN Entertainment in Costa Mesa, California, where it is always right around 70 degrees and sunny.

Aaron has a background in visual design and has been hand-crafting pixels since 1998. While building websites and web applications Aaron grew increasingly interested in the overall experiences that users had with the sites and applications that he was working on. He now focuses on marrying creativity with functionality to provide compelling user experiences and sharing his thoughts and experiences with the design community.